An ode to ethical cosmetics

We are flooded with different advertising sheets and -spots on a daily basis. Although different media want you to believe so, it is not true that those products with the highest sales are the best ones for our skin and hair. For example, different shampoos contain ingredients that make sure your hair gets greasy faster. Like this, you will need (read buy) more shampoo and thus be a more loyal consumer of this product. We are sponsoring the budget for a advertisement spot in the magazines. Like this, we will be seduced to buy again, and so forth. See the cycle? This is a rather simplistic representation of a complicated thing. Simple, but therefore not less true.

Let’s play a game:
Put a piece of raw garlic on your toe. Just for fun. Leave it there for about an hour. Then find yourself a volunteer who wants to smell your breath (help, what sort of game is this?). The garlic will smell out of your mouth. This game is more than just entertainment. It is an experiment, a lesson that tells us something important. Our skin absorbs. Therefore it’s best to be conscious about what we are lubricating on it. It’s not always easy. The ingredients on the packaging are often written so little that it becomes hard to read. And even though, who understand all those Latin terms? You might not care about what you are feeding your body? Or do you?
A responsible good organic product on, a healthy body, in a sustainable world. These three elements form together the powerful philosophy of House of Balm.  Think about what you lubricate because we eat through our skin.